making hot air dehydrating project reliable and easy

1 Equipment, 3 Technique, 8 Capability.

Since 2010, Snluck has been dedicated to researching and manufacturing top-quality dehydrating equipment.

We’ve invested significant time and resources into perfecting our dehydration technology, and we’re proud to offer these three core techniques that set our products apart.

MBD Design & Assemble

  • Enhanced Design and Engineering

  • Modular Assembly and Scalability

  • Superior Aesthetics and User Experience

Easy & Better.

Sleek & Modern Appearance

  • Flexible Dehydrator Configuration

  • Improved User Appearance Experience

  • Flexible Dehydrator Configuration Assembly

New Design

Remote & Real-time Control

  • Real-time Monitoring and Remote Control

  • Improved Drying Efficiency and Consistency

  • Advanced Data Analysis and Reporting

Make use of Tech.

Energy Saving & Reduce Cost

  • Proper Heat Method

  • Superior Insulation

  • Intelligent Heat Management

Next Generation Energy Saving Ideas

Continuous & unattend Produce

  • Data Analysis and Reporting

  • Early Detection of Issues

  • Remote Troubleshooting

24 Hours Consistent

Data Storage & Analysis

  • Data-Driven Optimization

  • Data Collection and Storage

  • Data-Driven Decision Making

All in hands.

Minimized breakage & Powdering

Gentle drying technology is a superior choice for protecting the valuable materials in whole piece well.

Preserve the shape and integrity

Lifespan Support

1 on 1 engineer consultant & commercial manager support at holistic equipment life span.

Transforming Endless Possibilities


Practical, Procurable, Profitable, Proven.

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

it’s not about achieve anything, it’s about ‘YOU’!

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Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Snluck achieve goals with work & In-depth Study

Combines advanced technology and expert knowledge to deliver precise, high-quality drying results tailored to your specific goals.

Technical Staff Rate 16%
Bachelor Degree Staff Rate 65%
Customers’ Satisfication Rate 98%

-Data source by Snluck Industry Annual Report 2023

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why choose Snluck Industry

As a manufacturer dedicated to the relentless pursuit of excellence in equipment functionality and production efficiency, we stand out as the preferred partner for businesses seeking to elevate their operations.
  • Unwavering Commitment to Innovation

  • Deep Understanding of Industry Needs

  • Continuous Improvement Focus

  • Dedication to Customer Success

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